Bancroft Whitney American Jurisprudence Award for his work in Sentencing and Post Conviction Remedies. Steven was recruited by his professor in the Parole Representation Clinic to return to the clinic the following year and assist his professor in teaching the clinic. Steven was hand selected to be a member of the Honors Mock Trial Competition Team. Steven, and his partner, went on to win the All McGeorge Mock Trial Competition marking the first time in the competition's storied history that an honors team won that tournament.

After graduating from McGeorge School of Law, Steven sat for the Nevada State Bar Exam in 1999. Steven learned that he passed the Bar Exam later that same year. Steven was sworn in the day the bar results were released and made his first court appearance that very afternoon: a trial!

Steven has poured his heart and soul into learning, developing, and excelling at his craft. He has made a career of defending the rights of the accused and the Constitutions of both the United States of America and the State of Nevada. Steven has handled, and/or tried, all different types of criminal cases with great success. Steven has successfully handled, and/or tried, cases ranging from murder, attempt murder, sexual assault, kidnapping, robbery, burglary, grand larceny, battery with a deadly weapon, battery with substantial bodily harm, battery on an officer, resisting an officer with use of a firearm, all types of drug offenses, fraud, child abuse, domestic battery, driving under the influence, and many other types of criminal cases.  Steven has handled multiple high profile cases that have received media coverage both in written and broadcast form.

Steven handles cases all over the State of Nevada.  He has handled cases in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Boulder City, Laughlin, Searchlight, Goodsprings, Mesquite, Moapa, Moapa Valley, Bunkerville, Pahrump, Tonopah, Hawthorn, and as far north as Garderville, Minden, and Carson City.

Steven's exceptional knowledge of the law, and his courtroom prowess, have caught the attention of many people inside and outside the legal community. During Steven's career he has held three separate contracts with the State of Nevada to provide criminal defense work for indigent criminal defendants. Steven was appointed to the State Bar of Nevada's Southern Nevada Disciplinary Committee where he acted as an alternate panel member. Steven was appointed to the Lawyer Referral and Information Services Committee of the State Bar of Nevada. Steven has received numerous appointments to criminal cases by judges.

Steven also believes in giving back to the community that has given so freely to him.  In 2010, Steven began donating his time and expertise to the Youth Offender's; a court program designed for the treatment and rehabilitation of criminal offenders, aged 18 - 24, with documented substance abuse histories.  Steven provides the criminal defense work for this court program on a pro bono basis.  Steven donates approximately 300 hours of his time to this program every year and has helped save and change the lives of numerous Nevadan youths.

Having an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney on your side can make a difference in every criminal case. It could mean the difference between freedom and the loss of your liberty. If your freedom is important, then you will put Steven's experience and knowledge to work for you. Steven won't handle your case like a job, he will handle it like a privilege!

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In 1999, Steven graduated from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. While at McGeorge School of Law, Steven groomed himself for a career defending individuals accused of committing criminal acts. Steven tailored an educational program that would enable him to zealously advocate on behalf of his future clients and he excelled in his studies.

Steven earned honors for his work in Sentencing and Post Conviction Remedies, the Parole Representation Clinic, Trial Advocacy, and Capital Punishment.    Steven received the coveted
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