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Q.   Do I need to hire an attorney?
A.   If you find yourself charged with a crime, then you should seriously consider hiring an attorney.  Many criminal convictions have life long and/or serious implications.  Only a knowledgeable and experienced attorney will know the rights that are implicated by the criminal charge, the proper defenses that can be raised in the defense of your case, how best to present your case to a jury or judge, or how best to resolve your case so as to limit the ramifications of a criminal conviction.  

Q.   How do we meet to discuss forming an attorney-client relationship?
A.   Simply telephone our office at (702) 474-7827 to set up your free telephone and/or office consultation today.

Q.   How much will it cost to retain/hire an attorney?
A.   Attorney's fees vary greatly from case to case and are based on numerous facts.  Some of the facts that are considered when setting a fee are: the type of criminal charge, the jurisdiction where the case is being prosecuted, the stage of the case at the time the attorney is hired, the attorney's experience, and many other facts.  Call our office today at (702) 474-7827 for a free quote.

Q.   What happens once I retain/hire you?
A.   Once our legal services are engaged our office will immediately go to work for you by collecting your case information and relevant discovery (police reports, witness statements, and other evidence), contacting the appropriate jurisdiction and prosecuting agency, meeting with you to review your case and discuss and develop any possible defenses to your case, and appear at your court appearances.

Q.   How is my case handled?
A.   Your case will get the complete attention and effort of our office.  Your case is important to us because it is important to you.

Q.   How quick can my case be resolved?
A.   We will attempt to resolve your case as quickly as feasible.  However, sometimes other aspects of your case, that are out of our control, may cause a delay in the process.  Also, sometimes a quick resolution to your case is not what is in your legal best interest.  We will discuss the issues in your case with you, advise you of the different ramifications involved with any decision you must make, and advise you as to which decision is in your best legal interest.

Q.   How often can I expect my attorney to contact me?
A.   We will contact you by telephone, mail, or email anytime we receive new information regarding your case.  Also, you can always contact our office if you have any questions or concerns.  You don't need to wait for us to contact you.

Q.   A friend, relative, or police officer told me what would happen with my case, are they correct?
A.   Often times people mean well when giving advice, but every case is different.  Each case has different facts and issues, a different judge, and a different prosecutor handling the case.  If someone gives you information with respect to what will happen to you, although given with good intentions, it can often times be incorrect.  Your case is and must be treated as unique.  Only after a proper analysis, by an experienced criminal defense attorney, taking all factors into consideration, can you then be given a reasonable assurance of how your case will be disposed of.

Q.   Will I be made a plea offer on my case?
A.   Plea offers are made in almost every case.  We will work for you to get the best plea offer possible.  We will discuss with you the ramifications of accepting any plea bargain, and advise you on the acceptability of any plea offer made, so that you can make an informed decision.  Most plea bargains have ramifications that come along with them, and therefore, a plea bargain should not be entered into lightly without discussing the plea bargain with your attorney.

Q.  Do I have to go to trial?
A.   The question as to whether or not your case goes to trial is always a decision that is left up to you.  We will discuss the potential of a trial with you and what may happen as a result of having a trial.  You can rest assured that if you decide to take your case to trial that we will be prepared to aggressively litigate your case.  If you hire our firm, then you are hiring a firm with trial experience and legal knowledge sufficient to make a difference in your case.

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